7D6N Italy In-Depth, France, Switzerland Essence Tour


Package Includes:

Package Excludes:

  • Transport: International or Domestic flights (if any)
  • Tipping: The whole journey is at 35 euros/person (5 euros per person per day, the same standard for adults and children), according to local customs and habits, in order to reward and motivate the services of the group.
  • Transport in Liguria (required): 16 Euro/adult; 10 Euro/child (3-11 years old, March 17-November 1); 7.3 Euro/child (3-11 years old, November 2 -February 28)
  • Italian city tax and tourist tax (required): 68 euros / person. (Including city entrance fees and tourist taxes such as Rome/ Liguria /Pisa, round-trip boat ride to Venice Island, tunnel fees, etc.)
  • Attractions Tickets: In order to respect your choice of free and easy, there will be no compulsory shopping or compulsory tours in our itinerary. Please choose to purchase tickets for your favourite attractions.
  • Personal travel insurance: Please be sure to purchase travel insurance. This requirement is also required during the validity period of your travel visa or when applying for a visa to protect your personal rights and travel safety. Please cover the content and scope of the coverage with the insurance company. The outdoor sports, ice projects, and high-altitude projects may be purchased in various insurance projects. At the same time, please be remind to bring your insurance certificate with you. You can check with the group tour guide. If you are not able to produce the insurance proof, the tour guide has the right to reject you and the group, seek for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Lunch and Dinner: Our tour guide will recommend local meals, and you can choose your meal during the trip.
  • Other unspecified fees (visa, airfare, etc.); travel items or transportation expenses (cable cars, sightseeing cruises, etc.).

Pick-up & Drop off locations:
*If the day of the tour coincides with holidays/festivals/special occasions, some of the attractions may be adjusted for exterior sightseeing or replace nearby attractions; the order of the tour will be adjusted, but the tour content will be the same, without affecting the whole experience. The tour guide arrangement will be subject to change without notice. 

Your pick-up point will be identified in your guide information (final e-ticket & tour guide information will be sent to your email address, if still not received 2 days before the tour, please contact customer service or follow WeChat ID: titicacaeu)

Paris: [09:00] 213 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris, Paris, McDonald’s restaurant 

Geneva: [17:30] in front of the large flower clock in the west of the English Garden in Geneva, Quai du Général-Guisan, 1204 Genève

Drop Off site (please provide the e-ticket received. Please check the e-mail address 2 days before the tour. If you have not received it, please contact customer service or follow us on WeChat ID: titicacaeu)

Paris: [expected return 18:30] Paris, the 13th district of Italy, the dissolution of the square.

Note: Please assemble at the meeting place 15 minutes prior to departure to avoid missing the trip. The return time is based on estimation and may vary depending on the traffic conditions of the day. It is recommended that you reserve at least one hour of transfer time. If you need to go to the airport, it is recommended to reserve at least 3 hours for the entry procedure

Optional value-add services:
Hotel Reservation Service: We can book your accommodation for the night before and on the night of the Paris delegation: the price is SGD 80/person/night (If you need to book a single room, the price is SGD 140 /person/ Late.) If required


  1. There is no airport transfer provided, you need to go to the hotel at your own arrangement. On the day of the tour, we will pick you up at the hotel where you are staying.
  2. Hotel information before and after the tour. We will inform you about the hotel information 1-3 days before the tour.

Optional service

Attractions Tickets

Note: All the tickets that are purchased are subjected to special control of the scenic spots, and the tour guide cannot accompany the guest to provide commentary.

Attractions ticket prices are as follows (the ticket price will fluctuate due to seasonal changes, subject to the official website of the attraction or the price of the day of the attraction):

  • [Versailles] (excluding the interpreter, with valid documents and according to local policy of the day): 18 euros/adult; young people under the age of 18 with children and living in the European Economic Area countries under the age of 26 are free Admission.
  • [Mont Blanc]: 63 euros / person
  • [Golden Canal]: 40 Euro / person
  • [Gondola Cruise]: 30 Euro / person
  • [Colosseum in Rome] (If you have enough time to visit): 15 Euro / person (free for under 18 years old)
  • [Interior traffic in the Liguria] (required): 16 euros/adult; 10 euros/child (4-12 years old, March 17-November 1); 7.3 Euro/child (4-12 years old, November 2) Day – February 28)
  • [Italian entry tax and tourist tax] (required): 68 euros / person. (Including city entrance fees and tourist taxes such as Rome/ Liguria /Pisa, round-trip boat ride to Venice Island, tunnel fees, etc.)
  • Special cuttlefish noodles set (including: bread; vegetable salad; fried seafood; cuttlefish noodles; ice cream or tiramisu; a glass of mineral water): 25 euros / person
  • Chinese group meal (standard group meal, 6 dishes 1 soup. Group meal minimum order of 10 people, subject to tour guide arrangement): 15 euros / person
  • French special set menu (including: 1/2 large lobster per person, oysters, pink shrimp, conch; Burgundy special snail, French foie gras; fried steak / butter grilled salmon / grilled chicken three choices; apple pie or ice cream 4 people with a bottle of wine, etc.): 65 EUR / person

Visa Requirements:
Guest require to apply for an Italian visa, 4 nights in Italy, 2 nights in France, Therefore, in principle, you should apply for an Italian visa. Customers can apply from the website of the Italian Embassy in the UK

  • If you are connecting to other itineraries or accommodations, you must follow the following basic principles: According to the country in which you travel the most time, you need to apply for a Schengen visa. If you have as many stays in two or more countries in your trip, apply for a Schengen visa for the country of first entry.
  • After receiving the payment, we will issue visa assistance materials 30 days before. Please make an appointment for the visa location around 30 days before the tour.
  • The visa assistance materials issued by the group’s scheduled itinerary are only applicable to the Italian Schengen visa. If you use our materials to apply for visas to non-Italian Schengen Embassy visas, it is not within our refund guarantee service.
  • The Schengen country you applied, such as France, Finland and other visas, if there are other entry and exit trips after the end of the group, please check whether the travel visa is a multiple round trip type.


Like the swans that frolic on its eponymous Alpine lake (Europe’s largest), Geneva (Genève) is a rare bird. Constantly perceived as the Swiss capital (it isn’t), Switzerland’s second-largest city is slick and cosmopolitan, and its people chatter in almost every language among streets paved by gold.

Palais des Nations (Exterior)
Home to the UN since 1966, the Palais des Nations was built between 1929 and 1936 to house the now-defunct League of Nations. Visits are by guided tour (bring photo ID; no reservation required for groups of less than 15 people) and include a one-hour tour of the building and entry to the surrounding 46-hectare park, generously peppered with century-old trees and peacocks. Spot the grey monument coated with heat-resistant titanium, donated by the USSR to commemorate the conquest of space.

Flower Clock
Geneva is recognized all around the world for it’s watch making tradition, being the mother of high-end watchmaking. To pay tribute to this honor, Geneva created the biggest clock in the world, made from flowers.

Jet d’Eau Fountain
literally meaning ‘water jet’, is the huge Fountain on the Geneva Lake, in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Jet d’Eau is one of the tallest fountain in the world. Originally, in 1886 they built the fountain to control and release the excess pressure of a hydraulic plant at La Coulouvrenière. Shortly it became remarkable symbol of the city and so it was amplified and relocated to the center of the Lake

** Overnight in the French town or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc
When you’re out shopping in the town centre, wherever you are look up and you’ll see ‘it’ there… 4,810 metres (15,781 ft) of rock, snow, ice and dreams of things to come.

Alps – Mont Blanc
Here you can climb to the summit of a mountain or dip your toes in a crystal clear lake: in the shadow of Mont Blanc in the Alps, the pure air will soon have you feeling refreshed and relaxed. In winter, ski resorts tempt you onto the slopes then afterwards recharge your batteries at invigorating mountain spas and magnificent restaurants and places to stay. In the summer the fresh air and natural beauty of the Alps are an invitation…

♥ Stay in Verona or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car

Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco was constructed in the ninth century as a small square dotted with trees. The square was laid out in front of the original St. Mark’s Basilica, at the time a small chapel which was part of the Doge’s Palace.

St. Mark’s Cathedral
If you are in Venice you cannot miss the opportunity to visit St Mark’s Church, the famous San Marco Basilica. It is one of the most valuable treasures of history, art and faith in the world, located in St Mark’s Square, the so-called ‘drawing room of Europe’.

Venice Clock Tower
The Clock Tower is one of the most famous architectural landmarks in Venice, standing over an arch that leads into what is the main shopping street of the city, the old Merceria. It marks both a juncture and a division between the various architectural components of St. Mark’s Square, which was not only the seat of political and religious power but also a public space and an area of economic activity, a zone that looked out towards the sea and also played a functional role as a hub for the entire layout of the city. In short, the Tower and its large Astronomical Clock, a masterpiece of technology and engineering, form an essential part of the very image of Venice. For more than 500 years, they have measured out the flow of life and history within the city.

Venice famous squid ink pasta with cuttlefish (optional)
This is one of the local specialties. Imagine sitting on the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and scenery, while enjoying the taste of this Italian traditional seafood.

The Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs, known as the Ponte dei Sospiri in Italian, is one of the most famous bridges not just in Venice,

♥ Stay in Perugia or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car

Rome is an enchanting city where you’ll discover a romantic blend of culture and history

Old Rome & Colosseo (If time permits, you may visit the interior)
Located just east of the Roman Forum, the massive stone amphitheater known as the Colosseum was commissioned around A.D. 70-72 by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty as a gift to the Roman people.

Trevi Fountain
You will not find any other place in the world that celebrates the ever-mutating and incredible power of water like Rome. The Trevi Fountain is a fantastic work of art that is much more than a mere sculpture. This triumphant example of Baroque art with its soft, natural lines and fantasy creatures embodies movement as the soul of the world. The fountain is a true wonder, a jewel of water and stone that is nestled between the palaces of the historic centre of the city.

Piazza di Spagna
The Piazza di Spagna is one of the most popular meeting places in Rome. It is also one of the most visually pleasing squares. The combination of a monumental staircase (the famous Spanish Steps), an obelisk and a beautiful church is a draw for tourists and photographers.

The Pantheon, completed in 126AD, was a Roman temple with a surprising oculus that is the building’s main source of natural light.

Castel Sant’Angelo (If time permits)
Tomb for an emperor, fortress dungeon, treasure chamber and museum – Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the most striking landmarks of the Eternal City.

Sant’Angelo Bridge (If time permits, you may visit the interior)
The bridge was completed about AD 135. It consists of seven stone arches and five main spans of about 60 feet (18 m) each, supported on piers 24 feet (7 m) high.

♥ Stay in Rome or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car

Everyone heard the Doors of Paradise, the Duomo, and Michelangelo’s David are captivating, but in Florence, beauty can sneak up on a traveller unexpectedly. You’ll duck into a random church to escape the heat only to spend two hours staring at an impossibly pure blue in a fresco. Or you’ll consider writing a sonnet about pear gelato. It’s just that kind of place. Don’t miss the sunset over the Arno and the famous wines of the Chianti region just south of town.

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (exterior)
Santa Maria del Fiore, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio, is the third largest church in the world (after St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London) and was the largest church in Europe when it was completed in the 15th century. It is 153 metres long, 90 metres wide at the crossing, and 90 metres high from the floor to the bottom of the lantern. The third and last cathedral of Florence, it was dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore, the Virgin of the Flower, in 1412, a clear allusion to the lily, the symbol of the city of Florence.

Piazzale Michelangelo
No matter what time of day, you will find that Piazzale Michelangelo truly offers a stupendous lookout over Florence. Don’t be surprised if you also see it written as Piazzale Michelangiolo, this is from the archaic Florentine pronunciation and most definitely the one you see on street signs or the brown and white signs that indicate historic landmarks.

The Magical Florence Skyline (exterior)
Florence seen from above is a singular experience. Not just a perfect photo opportunity, but a moment of wonder. You are looking at the city that gave birth to incredible artists, amazing scientists and an enthralling history of discovery and power that has filled novels and movie theaters.

Pisa is best known for an architectural project gone terribly wrong. But the world-famous Leaning Tower is just one of many noteworthy sights in this compelling city. Education has fuelled the local economy since the 1400s, and students from across Italy compete for places in its elite university. This endows the centre of town with a vibrant cafe and bar scene, balancing an enviable portfolio of well-maintained Romanesque buildings, Gothic churches and Renaissance piazzas with a lively street life dominated by locals rather than tourists – a charm you will definitely not discover if you restrict your visit to Piazza dei Miracoli.

Pisa Tower
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most remarkable architectural structures from medieval Europe.

♥ Stay in Pisa or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car

Cinque Terre
Rooted in antiquity, Cinque Terre’s five villages date from the early medieval period and while much of this fetching vernacular architecture remains, Cinque Terre’s unique historical draw is the steeply terraced cliffs bisected by a complicated system of fields and gardens that have been hacked, chiselled, shaped and layered over the course of nearly two millennia. The extensive muretti (low stone walls) can be compared to the Great Wall of China in their grandeur and scope.

♥ Stay in Lyon or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car

This former unofficial capital of France sits just 10 miles from Paris and is easily reachable by train. Even though the Chateau de Versailles has been known as the epitome of indulgent luxury for centuries, seeing it in person is a jaw-dropping experience. The chateau’s magnificent gardens are free, but it’s worth shelling out for a day ticket to see the interior—although it does make going back to even a fancy hotel seem rather humdrum.

♥ Stay in Paris or nearby hotels that night.

  • Accommodation :    Three-star brand hotel
  • Meal arrangement : Breakfast: Continental breakfast in the hotel
                                         Lunch :  Own arrangement
                                         Dinner : Own arrangement
  • Transportation :       Car


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